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Tony Stark Phone Number – After Tony succeeded in creating the Iron Man costume ‘Mark 1’, he became addicted. Since then, he has made 50 different versions of the original Iron Man costume.

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About Tony Stark

“I am Iron Man,” Tony Stark said firmly in front of hundreds of media crews waiting for his explanation of the existence of a new superhero named Iron Man. Stark, deliberately and mindfully, deviated from the scenario prepared to cover up Iron Man’s true identity.

The media crew was clearly shocked to hear Stark’s statement at the end of the Iron Man (2008) film. They immediately stood up from their chairs, bombarding Stark with follow-up questions about his new ‘job’. Stark, with a happy face, welcomed the reaction which later changed his life for the next 10 years.

Behind his super-sophisticated armor suit, Tony Stark is one of those figures who do not have special powers like Thor or the Hulk. He is just a genius playboy who is wallowing in wealth. His genius in technology, made him successfully escape from an abduction by creating a makeshift armor in a cave.

Apart from his crucial role in the Avengers, more people know him when he became Iron Man. In making Tony Stark’s character, Stan Lee was inspired by Howard Hughes who is a legendary businessman of the United States.

Tony studied in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of 15 years. He became the leader of the Stark Industries company at the age of 21 years. Initially, Stark Industries was a company engaged in weapons and technology. After becoming Iron Man, Stark turned it into an energy source company.

Tony was ranked 5th of the 15 richest fictional characters according to Forbes magazine. In the comics, this Superhero has a history of alcoholism. Tony Stark has served as United States Secretary of Defense. In addition to being Minister of Defense, he also serves as director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the early films, Tony Stark created sophisticated robot technology to assist him in wearing and removing Iron Man costumes. However, in Iron Man 3, Tony found a way to accelerate this process by creating an iron costume that was controlled with his mind.

By inserting a kind of implant under his skin, the latest costume version can be summoned from a distance and attached to his body in the form of pieces that are fused.

At the end of the first Iron Man movie, Tony is told to read an article that calls it as ‘Iron Man’. He liked the nickname and then chose the name officially as a super hero for himself.

However, actually, not all Iron Man costumes are made of ‘iron’. The first version of the Iron Man costume was actually made of gold-titanium alloy. As many new abilities were added to the costume, Tony also compensated by using new, more advanced materials.

Although the first costume still has many deficiencies in strength, subsequent models have proven to be very strong. When wearing it, Tony can lift a load of more than 100 tons. One of the most powerful costumes is ‘Hulkbuster’, which was created with the aim of fighting off the iconic Marvel iconic green monster, the Hulk.

In the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark’s costume is unable to survive in the highest levels of Earth’s atmosphere without freezing. Then, the Iron Man costume on Avengers: Infinity War looks already shaped like a mini spaceship, using an airtight protector to prevent the absence of space (nothingness).

This costume is also able to provide air supply if Tony is stuck in a harsh environment for a long period of time, such as deep space or deep sea. These abilities became a savior himself in Avengers: Infinity War, when Tony had to catch an Ebony Maw plane into space.

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