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Tom Holland - Spider Man, Avengers Endgame

Tom Holland Phone Number – Tom Holland is the youngest actor used by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is the youngest member of Avengers

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About Tom Holland

Before playing the role of Peter Parker, Tom Holland was already familiar with the world of acting, since he was a child. His first debut was a popular musical in the West End Theater entitled ‘Billy Elliot’.

As for the first film, Tom played in the film ‘The Impossible’ in 2012, playing the role of Lucas Bennett. Thanks to his outstanding acting in the film, he received a number of awards, including the London Film Critics Circle Awards, the Empire Awards, the Young Artist Award, and The National Board of Review. Thanks to various awards, he also made it into the Hollywood entertainment industry in 2015.

Before plunging into acting, Tom first became known as a dancer, especially ballet, during his childhood, so that he also successfully played in musicals as a child.

Thanks to this dance skill, Tom became more flexible and adept at body language. This factor also supports his appearance as Spiderman, so he can remain expressive, even though his face is covered with a mask.

Tom Holland has indeed undergone rigorous training in the world of gymnastics and parkour. He is able to perform various complicated acrobatic movements without camera effects.

Reportedly when the audition for the cast of Spiderman, he entered and exited the room with a bolt. This was what made the judges impressed with Tom Holland’s ability, and made him chosen as Spiderman. In addition, Tom usually also shares videos or photos when he is jumping on his Instagram account.

The entertainment talent of Tom Holland seems to have come from his father, Dominic Holland, a well-known standup comedian from the United Kingdom. Not only successful as a comedian, Dominic Holland is also a writer and also a broadcaster on one of the British radio.

Interestingly, he had made a book that contains the story of the child’s journey in pursuit of his dreams. The book entitled ‘How Tom Holland Eclipses His Dad’ is said to be a book that is funny, unique, and at the same time strange, which was made by Dominic Holland.

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