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Sofia Carson - Descend 2, Pretty Little Liars, Sofia Daccarett

Sofia Carson Phone Number – The one of Austin and Ally Disney Channel guest star.

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About Sofia Carson

Long-named Sofia Daccarett Char, she is a Disney artist who is famous for the film Descendants. This artist’s career is quite interesting, quite fast uphill when starting a new career in 2012.

Playing as Evie, Sofia Carson made Descendants up to three series. The film initially tells the story of the son of the king and queen of Auradon with interesting stories. Evil Queen is the villain’s favorite, while Belle is the princess’s favorite.

She likes Adele, Justin Bieber especially with the song Sorry. Speaking of food favorites, she likes spagetthi with a little olive oil.

Sofia Carson Contacts

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Sofia Carson Phone Number

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Descend 2, Pretty Little Liars, Sofia Daccarett

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