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About Sachin Tendulkar

In the world of cricket, no one is not familiar with the name Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The action of the cricket athlete born in Mumbai, April 24, 1974 is very brilliant. He was even the only athlete to ever receive Khel Ratna, the highest award in the world of cricket in 1997-1998.

Initially, the career of a man who is familiarly called Tendulkar began when he was a child where his brother often taught and accompanied him to play cricket. His interest in cricket then drove him to a school which was famous for its extra cricket, Sharadashram Vidyamandir. There, he was trained by Ramakant Achrekar. Under the care of Achrekar, Tendulkar is trained so hard that Tendulkar often brings victory when competing.

In 1988, Tendulkar managed to conquer 100 runs against Gujarat. This achievement is a rare achievement achieved by young cricket players. He is the youngest cricket athlete to make history. Not only that, he also won the highest running title and won the Irani Trophy. Previously, at the age of 13 years, he had joined the Cricket Club of India. His first international tour was held in Australia in 1991-1992. In 1992, Tendulkar was the first foreign-born player to join Yorkshire. There, he played in 16 games and managed to score 1070 runs with an average of 46.52.

In 1996, Tendulkar was the only participant from India who managed to score the highest run in the 1996 World Cup. However, when against Sri Lanka in the semi-final party, he fell in the middle of batting. At that time, the referee considered Sri Lanka as the winner despite many protests made by the audience at the referee.

Success brings many victories with the occasional defeat is common in a match. Not only that, sometimes there are obstacles that block a road to success. Like the defeat suffered by Tendulkar in 1996 and the death of his father in the middle of the 1999 Cricket World Cup match. At that time, he did not play in the match against Zimbabwe, but he managed to carve a victory against Kenya after he returned from India to perform the final ritual for his father. He dedicated the victory to his father.

One by one the victory was achieved by Tendulkar. Until in 2002, he was named Wisden as the second best batsman Test player in history after Donald Bradman. He was also named the second best player in One Day International (ODI) bastman in history after Viv Richards.

Every year, Tendulkar and the team always take part in various cricket events – and often bring victory to their countries – which are held in the host countries. However, none of the ICC trophies stopped in their hands. Until finally in 2011, India reunited with Sri Lanka in the ICC Cup final. At that time, Sri Lanka managed to surpass India for a while. However, finally the defeat that had touched the hand successfully ignored by Indian players. They succeeded in bringing the ICC trophy victory for the first time stopped in his country.

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Sachin Tendulkar Phone Number

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