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About Pokimane

If there are female streamers and gamers who are the most noticed on Twitch, the name Imane Pokimane Anys is certainly in the top row. Pokimane’s popularity continues to climb.

Pokimane so actively streams its Twitch accounts with the same name. she uploaded all kinds of content there.

Starting from when she played games like League of Legends, Fortnite, until Teamfight Tactics. Also other videos such as singing collaboration to make-up tutorials.

Recently Pokimane uploaded a reaction video about her old upload when playing Getting Over It. she also laughed at himself who reacted so excited when repeatedly failed to pass the scene in the game.

No doubt in the video 23-year-old girl questioned why there are people who continue to follow the video. Why are you listening to me? Why are you listening to things like this? she said.

The answer is actually clear. Pokimane has a reaction and laughter that is somewhat funny, even so original and ridiculous. Her beautiful face was certainly a concern for the subscriber who is mostly male.

Until now Pokimane has 3.1 million followers on Twitch. she also became one of the most frequent streamers appearing in foreign gaming media.

All of Pokimane Social Medias

  • IG @pokimanelol
  • Twitter @pokimanelol
  • Facebook: pokimane
  • Website: https://www.twitch.tv/pokimane/

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Streaming IRL, Imane Anys, LOL, Fortnite

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