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Ninja - Fortnite, Cloud9, Renegades, Liquid, The Masked Singer

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About Ninja

Ninja is a former professional sports athlete and is now more focused on being a streamer. In April 2018, he had more interaction on social media than professional classmates Christiano Ronaldo and LeBron James. Within a month, he can pocket $ 500,000 just from playing video games from his bedroom.

Not only because of his extraordinary income, Ninja is also known as a kind person. He often holds charity streams, or streams for charities whose funds are donated to various non-profit organizations. He also played an active role in the campaign on mental health.

One more thing that makes Ninja an ideal idol for children is: He never invites children to quit school to pursue their dreams. Ninja always said that education is the main thing and very important to ensure a good future. And what he said was not nonsense, he finished college and worked while continuing to hone his skills playing Halo esport and also stream.

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Ninja Phone Number

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Fortnite, Cloud9, Renegades, Liquid, The Masked Singer

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