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About MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born into a family quite simple. His father is a pump operator in Ranchi and his mother is just an ordinary housewife. Initially, Mahi was not interested in cricket because the sport had very small balls. He is more obsessed with soccer.

But the lack of personnel of the school cricket team made the coach challenge Mahi. Mahi also felt challenged and came to follow the training as a wicket keeper. Since that day, Mahi has been more interested in cricket. But unfortunately, Mahi is not allowed to hit the ball by his coach. He can only practice catching the ball and catching the ball.

One day, the coach arrived late and Mahi took the opportunity to hit. The result was unexpected, Mahi’s first hit scored a lot of 6 runs.

When the match between schools, the school was at the tip of the horn. Mahi became the last batsman to hit when his school team only had 3 balls left. But Mahi finishes with just 2 balls, with 6 runs each.

In the next match Mahi asked the coach to make him the opening batsman, and his efforts produced amazing results. The school team won the match with a bat, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

When Mahi grew up, he had to work at the train station to get a chance to play cricket. But over time Mahi chose to quit his job and focus on playing cricket. When Mahi first entered the national team, his punch was unreliable. He only scored 3-10 runs only. His cricket career in the national team has improved with time.

Dhoni also holds the record for being the only captain in the cricket world that has each of the three ICC trophies – the 2007 World T20, 2011 World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy.

How to Contact MS Dhoni

  • IG @mahi7781
  • Twitter @msdhoni
  • Facebook: MSDhoni

MS Dhoni Phone Number

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Cricket, Wicketkeeper, India A team

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