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MrBeast - Jimmy Donaldso n, Stunts, Philanthropy

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About MrBeast

MrBeast has a real name as Jimmy Donaldson. He is one of the YouTubers who are quite famous especially about making something viral.

One of MrBeast actions that is quite interesting is its program of planting 20 million trees, known as the TeamTrees program. The first donation came from 500,000 viewers and continues to grow to this day.

Since the beginning the TeamTrees program recognized that the 20 million trees they prepared would not have a significant impact on climate change. But at least they believe that this program can encourage many people to care more about the environment.

Best Way to Contact MrBeast

  • IG @mrbeast
  • Twitter @MrBeastYT
  • Website:

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Jimmy Donaldso n, Stunts, Philanthropy

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