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About Matty B

Matty B’s parents were the first to learn that her son had a talent for singing. The father of Blake Morris then came up with the idea of ​​making Matty B a YouTube star.

Initially Matty B often saw his cousin Marshall Manning. Marshall is a singer who also had become one of the finalists of American Idol. The talent of the 9-year-old boy also declined from his father who was a music lover and Marshall.

After making a video, Blake was eager to continue honing the child’s talent. He was assisted by Mashall to produce songs suitable for Matty B. The songs chosen by Matty B were classified as hits. With a little touch, the song was updated with a version of Matty B. It turns out that Matty B can perform well.

Matty B videos can be easily found on YouTube. But officially he also uploaded videos through his MattyBraps account. Apparently not only good at singing and rapping, Matty B also contributed lyrics in the re-writing of the songs that he covered.

Matty B Contacts

  • IG @mattybraps
  • Twitter @mattybraps
  • Facebook: MattyBRaps
  • Website:

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MattyBRaps, True Colors, Gone

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