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Markiplier Phone Number – The famous youtuber starts from Five Nights at Freddy videos.

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About Markiplier

The name Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach may already be familiar in your ear. Let’s popular player on YouTube is rising because of the horror game gameplay video with characters and silly commentary while playing. Markiplier defeated thousands of other players on YouTube including the current Youtube king – PewDiePie is on the list of the 10 most influential gamers from Forbes where Swedish gamers are second behind Mark.

Before becoming a prestigious YouTuber now, Markiplier was a medical engineering student from the University of Cincinnati. At that time Mark explained if he was faced with difficult times ranging from being fired to having a tumor in his adrenal gland. He wanted to do something that everything was controlled by him, from this he began watching a collection of other gaming video game channels, learning and trying to build his own character which he called “Markiplier”.

Of course his career as a YouTuber is not instantaneous, when just starting his Youtube career he has been in debt for 8 months. The video that he made also only produced “dozens of dollars” before it could reach millions of views like the Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay which reached 60 million views.

How to Contact Markiplier

  • IG @markiplier
  • Twitter @markiplier
  • Facebook: markiplier
  • Website:

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Smosh The Movie, Asdfmovie, Changing The World

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