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Luke Combs Phone Number – If you want to grow a beard like Luke Combs, please dont do it. He only has one good song, the song he doesnt sing

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About Luke Combs

Since childhood, the singer who is usually called Luke has been practicing musical talent precisely as a vocalist. This continued until he was in high school where he joined various choir groups.

During high school he also proved his talent when he had the opportunity to perform solo at the prestigious Carneige Hall venue. Although he had felt studying in college with a business major, in the end he decided not to continue his education and chose to pursue a career.

Not in vain, when launching a debut single titled “Hurricane” in 2015, his name skyrocketed immediately because the work sold 15 thousand copies in a week. In fact, this song was immediately ranked 46th on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

In May 2017, the single which was originally under the auspices of the Sony Music Nashville label was re-released by Columbia Nashville. Remarkably, people’s enthusiasm for this song has not changed which is evidenced by the top position on the country music charts for two weeks. Shortly, Luke Combs also managed to prove the quality of his work through his debut album titled This One for You.

This album became number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums and also won fifth place on the US Billboard 200 within a week after it was released. Various singles in the album also have a variety of fantastic achievements.

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