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Liza Koshy Phone Number – One of the funniest comedian in her recent comedy vlogs.

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About Liza Koshy

LIZA KOSHY is a YouTube star who is currently popular. Her style of comedy and ridiculousness became his trademark and made her succeed in gaining millions of followers.

The woman whose full name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy was born on March 31, 1996 in Houston, Texas, United States. She is Jose Koshy’s daughter from India and Jean Carol née Hertzler who is a native of the United States. Her father is an oil executive, while his mother is a yoga instructor.

Under the pseudonym Liza, she began uploading short comedy videos. The first video shows Liza climbing in the car with her friends. “It was just me with my phone, in my car, and dancing together. We talk or make very bad jokes, “said Liza.

When Vine closed in 2017, Liza had 7 million followers. She became a Vine star who had one of the most followers at the time. At that time, Liza realized that she needed other media to create comedy content with a longer duration.

Liza Koshy Contacts

  • IG @lizakoshy
  • Twitter @lizakoshy
  • Facebook: thelizakoshy

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Boo A Madea Halloween, Liza on Demand, FML

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