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About Kajol

Kajol Devgan, you surely know this one beautiful actress. The actress who is often paired with Shah Rukh Khan is indeed quite famous for her talents and her closeness as a friend with Shah Rukh Kahn.

The actress, who is familiarly called Kajol, is an Indian film player and has received various international awards. The 1974-born actress is also a wife of Ajay Devgan and mother of her two daughters Nysa and Yug Devgan.

Kajol is a cousin of actress Rani Mukherjee. They also even appeared in one frame in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Rani Mukherjee plays Tina while Kajol plays Anjali. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a film also starring Shah Rukh Khan. In the film, they are told to be involved in a love triangle that requires Anjali to give up her feelings for Shah Rukh Khan.

In addition, it turns out that Kajol came from a wealthy family. Kajol came from a family of artists where she was the fourth generation who became an actress. Her mother, aunt, grandmother and great-grandfather were also quite famous actresses in India. In fact, with abundant wealth – Kajol is known as a humble and generous person. Kajol also became a brand ambassador for an organization for children.

After deciding to get married, Kajol and her husband decided to honeymoon in various countries. But in 2001, after her pregnancy – she had a miscarriage even though she had decided to take a break from acting and take care of her family.

Kajol is a talented actress and quite busy. However, this did not prevent Kajol from continuing to fight for the rights of widows and children. And in 2008, Kajol was awarded the Karmaveer Puraskaar award.

When she was little, Kajol was known as a naughty and very stubborn child. However, it is her nature that makes her very persistent to become an actress. In fact, at school, even though she was following extracurricular dancing – she chose to go out and pursue her acting career.

Although coming from a wealthy family, Kajol often received criticism related to her fashion style. Even though she has become an actress, Kajol seems indifferent about her fashion style. Even so, Kajol still looks beautiful.

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