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About Jimin

The BTS personnel do have charm and talent that is admirable, Jimin BTS is no exception. The man whose real name is Park Jimin is the BTS personnel with the fastest training period before debut. His amazing talent in dancing was one of Jimin’s attractions. Before auditioning for the Big Hit Entertainment, Jimin was a top student from the dance department at Busan High School of Arts. Even seeing the potential within Jimin made the teacher suggest him to join the Big Hit Entertainment audition. In accordance with the results, Jimin passed the audition and became a trainee and then moved to Seoul.

Jimin’s outstanding dancing ability earned him lots of praise! Thanks to the Korean fan dance he performed at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, Jimin won an award from The Kim Baek Bong Fan Dance Conservation Society.

To get to the position of a global superstar class BTS is not exactly easy. The BTS personnel themselves must go through various hard work and perseverance to continue to hone themselves to be the best. Among other BTS personnel, Jimin is known as the most perfectionist and hardworking member. Jimin is often the last person to prepare before going onstage because he doesn’t want any of his appearance to be wrong.

In an interview, the BTS Jungkook maknae even mentioned that Jimin was a figure he really admired. “I have never seen someone so practice so hard during the training period and that person is Jimin hyung. Jimin hyung is a hard worker. There are times when we go through crises, but Jimin hyung is the most popular BTS member. And he showed it through hard work. He achieved everything through hard work and that is an inseparable part of him. This is also what we always learn from him. ”

Hard worker? Check! Talented? Check! Jimin BTS also stole the hearts of his fans through his caring and kindhearted figure. Jimin’s kindness is always seen in a number of BTS videos! He has always been the BTS personnel who cared the most and showed his care for other members.

Besides that, Jimin also loved ARMY very much. At each award that was won by BTS, this Libra man will carry his photo holding a trophy and writing lovely hashtag for ARMY. Well Jimin, you are nice! Keep going!

Jimin BTS has the size of a tiny finger. This was revealed in a BTS interview titled Ask in A Box. Well although Jimin’s finger size is quite small, but this actually makes it look even more adorable. The BTS leader, RM, even mentioned that as an adorable thing and made it realistic.

It is no secret that Jimin is a BTS member who has a sexy body. Since the beginning of his debut Jimin has been seen with his fit body shape and seductive six pack belly. With this proportional body, Jimin also always looks cool in any outfit.

Besides having a seductive sexy body, Jimin BTS’s next attraction comes from her charming eye smile. Every time the Promise singer man smiles, shows the shape of curved eyes and make it more cute. In several BTS interviews, Jimin admitted that he also liked his eyes very much. Besides having charming eye smile, Jimin’s eye makeup also always steals the attention.

During the promotion for the song Fake Love, Jim’s fancam at the Mnet MCountdown program uploaded on YouTube by Mnet successfully won 33 million views! Wow!

In the 4 minutes 1 second duration, you are ready to see Jimin’s unstopable charm in singing Fake Love. In addition to being full of totality and appreciation, Jimin also hypnotized his fans with a black and white outfit that increasingly adds to the mysterious (and sexy!) Impression. Proud!

Friendship between fellow idols is always interesting to watch! No exception to the close friendship that exists between Jimin, Taemin SHINee, Kai EXO, and Ha Sung Woon and Timoteo Hot Shot. Despite having a busy schedule, they all remained good friends and supported one another. Their friendship also always looks sweet with the occasional of them raising their togetherness photos. I was so close, they even had the same parka jacket.

Who would have thought Jimin was good at martial arts. Since childhood, he has followed taekwondo training. In fact, Jimin has reached the black belt (highest level). Although he no longer studied this, the taekwondo techniques still clung to Jimin’s memory. Later, he wants to use it as a form of defense and protect loved ones from threats.

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