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Jennifer Lopez Phone Number – J-Lo had wanted to pursue a career in the legal field before succeeding in the world of entertainment

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About Jennifer Lopez

Artist Jennifer Lopez had a childhood which she thought was quite sad. She claimed to be a homeless person at the time. The singer and actress who is usually called J.Lo tells how she could sleep anywhere. She claimed to often fall asleep in the studio dancing after a fight with her mother.

At that time, J. Lo was never blessed by her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez for a career in the performing arts world. The Grammy Award winner finally had to leave her home. J.Lo adolescents can finally show themselves right, at least to the mother. She revealed, at that time she got an offer to dance to Europe.

The ‘On the Floor’ singer began leaving the city of Bronx, New York. She then lived in Los Angeles (L.A). But, it turned out that it was not an easy thing for her to get used to living in a big city. She must follow the Hollywood lifestyle that is glamorous, something that is inversely proportional to where it used to be.

J. Lo is now more successful. She can slowly love the glamor. But according to her, there was something that L.A didn’t have compared to her childhood city, the Bronx.

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Jennifer Lopez Phone Number

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On the Floor, Aint Your Mama, Dance Again, This Is Me Then

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