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Iggy Azalea Phone Number – Although she has Atlanta accent, Iggy was grew up in Australia

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About Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is quite familiar to the audience of music lovers, especially for those who often listen to the music of her work. Iggy is even known as a rapper and songwriter who is ‘dangerous’ because she started his career at a fairly young age, 16 years and is still working.

Through her works, the name Iggy has soared and is increasingly known to the world. Unlike other artists who are competing to get Grammy trophies, Iggy Azalea is reluctant to get awards and trophies. The reason the Australian rapper was reluctant to get a Grammy award was because she didn’t want people to hate her anymore.

Iggy had been depressed enough to be uneasy when leaving home for two years. Iggy also claimed she often felt disturbed by moods, then finally wrote a song now called Savior.

The blonde-haired woman even had a chance to feel confused not knowing how to return her life back, doing her routine, and making herself happy to feel normal as before. So, through the ability to write the song, Iggy began to pour the feelings she experienced into a song.

If you often follow the development of this new idol, you surely know how Iggy acts. With her style that seemed luxurious like the rappers, Iggy apparently had something interesting about her.

With clean blond hair, slender height, and glamor, it is only natural that Iggy often appears on various magazine covers along with her immediate musical career. Yes, besides her singing talent, Iggy is also talented to attract people to follow her style.

Even so, there are some great artists and models that influence her taste in style. Iggy revealed that the style and life of Gwen Stefani, Grace Kelly, Spice Girls, and Victoria Beckham, indeed influenced her until now.

Not only the glamor lifestyle and the quality of music she has, Iggy is also the queen of all music videos. Almost all of her music videos are trending and getting a lot of response.

In addition to having influential figures in her life, an artist must have an idol who became her role model in a career. For Iggy Azalea, the figure who according to her deserves to be a role model is Andre 3000.

Singer from the Outkast group has been admired by Iggy for a long time. According to her, Andre is awesome, genius, and always honest. According to Iggy, when Andre was singing or raping, he sounded like he was inviting other people to talk, not like he was singing.

Although she had never met, Iggy had expressed her desire to collaborate or duet with the Outkast frontman. Not only Andre’s talent about music, Iggy really loves Andre’s charm from outside and inside.

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  • IG @thenewclassic
  • Twitter @IGGYAZALEA
  • Facebook: iggyazalea
  • Website: https://iggyazalea.com/

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The New Classic, In My Defense, Fancy , Black Widow, Sally Walker

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