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Halsey Phone Number – Halsey idolized One Direction and once did a parody cover song by Taylor Swift

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About Halsey

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, this woman when she was a teenager had to go from one cafe to another cafe to pay rent for a house. Even when she graduated from high school, Halsey had to close her dream of going to college because she had no money.

Halsey realized that her voice was quite high and different from the voice of other famous singer, so she finally decided to pursue a musical career. In 2012, Halsey created a YouTube channel that included cover songs. One indie label offered Halsey to make a mini album.

The album Halsey, Badlands has appeared in 2015. And in 2017, Halsey filled the original soundtrack from the film Fifty Shade Darker (2017).

Halsey’s childhood is very far from the impression of glamor, even more peppered with struggle stories. At the age of 16, Halsey had bipolar or multiple personality. Even so, Halsey continued to make music. At the age of 14, Halsey got an acoustic guitar prize and from that guitar Halsey made money. Every week, she goes around cities in the United States to get money and pay rent for a house.

In every interview. Hasley will certainly discuss how her musical career started from the bottom. This is used to inspire her at any time and also inspire people to not give up quickly.

Halsey Contacts

  • IG @iamhalsey
  • Twitter @halsey
  • Facebook: HalseyMusic
  • Website: http://www.manicthealbum.com/

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Without Me, Eastside, Him & I, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

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