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About Dev Joshi

Dev Joshi became famous with the film Ball Veer. This 2000-born artist is thrilling with a very charming little superhero action.

Getting the role of Baalveer made Dev Joshi feel very grateful. Because it has long been Dev Joshi’s aspirations to become a superhero. Not accomplishing being a hero in the real world, even in the TV series, it doesn’t matter. Maybe so he thought. Dev Joshi hopes that children will not only be impressed with their actions against witches. But also the kindness and helpfulness that Baalveer always shows.

Dev Joshi now plays the character of an Indian freedom fighter named Chandrashekhar Azad in the Chandrashekhar series. For this role, Dev Joshi claimed not easy to play it. Because he has to play a new character that is different from Baal Veer. Moreover, the character of Baal Veer is very attached to this 17-year-old teenager.

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Baal Veer, Indian Telly Award

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