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DanTDM - Minecraft, Pokemon, Daniel Robert Middelton

DanTDM Phone Number – Minecraft is where he started his newborn stars.

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About DanTDM

You might not see Daniel Middleton walking on the red carpet at the Academy Awards or Emmy. However, he is a celebrity in his own world.

With a total of 19 million subscribers, the owner of the DanTDM channel is the most rich and popular YouTuber in the world with an income of USD 16.5 million per year.

Perhaps many who underestimate the YouTube gamers. Imagine, every day they do only play games. Often done in the room. But make no mistake, half of the richest YouTubers work as gamers, precisely professional gamers. They video themselves playing games, packaging them into entertaining content, and getting lots of viewers.

After his younger brother introduced him to Minecraft, he began to focus on playing the game and leaving his old job after YouTube’s higher income. Yes that’s DanTDM which is very famous.

Contact DanTDM

  • IG @dantdm
  • Twitter @dantdm
  • Facebook: TheDiamondMinecart

DanTDM Phone Number

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Minecraft, Pokemon, Daniel Robert Middelton

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