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Batman Phone Number – Bruce Wayne turned out to have an older brother who had permanent brain damage and was not mentally stable

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About Batman

Famous for being a serious person and a bit moody, Batman seems difficult to work with other people in each action. This is a wrong assumption. You see, Batman is often assisted by other figures in fighting crime. Just mention, Robin, Catwoman, Batwing, Nightwing, and Inspector Gordon. Don’t forget, there is a figure of Alfred who is always faithful to accompany him.

Yep, there are many other characters who support Batman’s mission in maintaining the peace of Gotham City. This proves that The Dark Knight cannot be alone in action.

Maybe some of you think that Batman is a hero who is too strong. In fact, not really. One thing that makes Batman different from most other superheroes from DC is that he is just an ordinary person. Indeed, Batman is good at martial arts and has a myriad of sophisticated equipment in action. However, still, at the end of the day, Batman is just an ordinary person.

Maybe it’s still fresh in your mind, how frustrated was Bruce Wayne when he first confronted Bane at The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Instead of getting a victory, he became a bane. However, this does not make Batman weak. In fact, this is one of the attractions of the caped crusader that makes him look cool.

Wayne Enterprises sells civil security products. For example, building security systems, prevention of identity theft, and so on.

The market for Batman-owned company products reaches the entire world. The price is affordable by the middle class to make their products sell well. In addition to security products, Wayne Enterprises also has a line of other business products in various fields, such as aerospace, food industry, technology, research institutions, biotechnology, health, and many more.

From there, the wealth of the Wayne family was born which seemed to never run out even though the Batman likes to spend his money to follow a glamorous lifestyle and support his playboy character. The amount of wealth of Bruce Wayne, estimated by Forbes reached USD 7 billion.

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