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Adele Phone Number – Adeles parents almost gave her the birth name Blue before finally deciding to use the name Adele

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About Adele

The phenomenal singer born in Tottenham London, England, 27 years ago was always able to steal the attention of world music lovers with each of her works. As a child she really admired the girl band of the 90s, Spice Girls. In addition to Spice Girl, there is female jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald from the United States who is also an idol figure for Adele.

For Adele, being a singer as successful now might not have been in her mind when studying music at the Brit School in Croydon. In fact, she was more interested in the artists and repertoire (A&R) field, which is a division of record labels responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists.

However, thanks to one of her friends who uploaded a demo of a song made by Adele on the social network Myspace, the label company also glanced at it. And, unexpectedly that’s where Adele’s career skyrocketed.

During her career in the international music industry, Adele has broken several records from the album she released titled “21”. One of them is breaking the sales record of one million copies of the second most digital album after rapper Eminem. In her own country of birth the album became the fourth most after other albums from the group Queen and the Beatles.

Even though she never took the acting world seriously, she also successfully carved a titan of success in the film industry. The original soundtrack of the film “James Bond”, “Skyfall” delivered her name on the 85th Oscar award stage in 2013.

Not only album sales that record. However “21” also managed to occupy the top position of the longest charts for female solo singers with a duration reaching 11 weeks and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Hello, Rolling in the Deep, Someone like You, Skyfall

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